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Recruiting with culture in mind


Make your organization's culture part of your recruitment strategy. Posted by Alexandra Cappetta
Make your organization's culture part of your recruitment strategy.

When candidates want to know more about your organization’s opportunities, they aren’t only looking at the role, location and compensation. Yes, those are important details they’ll definitely consider, but there’s another extremely meaningful aspect to your prospects that should also be to you as you recruit: Your organization’s culture.

Each time you make a new hire, your community undergoes some change - no matter how subtle. The question is: How will your recruit fit into your organization, and will they be instrumental for representing and growing it?

When seeking candidates and making connections, take time to consider your organization’s culture, the culture you want to build and how it can be used alongside your current recruitment strategies to appeal to those you want to recruit.

Will the candidate advance your culture?

As glowing as a candidate may be on paper, they shouldn’t be assessed and selected solely based on their qualifications and interest in the opportunity. Although this is certainly part of it, consider as you review and interview prospects whether they show promise to go beyond the well-prepared candidate charm and exhibit the values and virtues of your organization daily.

As much as they will want to be a good fit at your facility, you want to be sure they’re going to further your organization’s mission and contribute to the positive work culture you’ve worked hard to establish.

Whether you’re recruiting for a bustling urban area or an underserved rural community, the consideration is the same: How do you describe your in-office and the lifestyle culture of the area? Then, how would you describe the candidate in front of you? Do you see potential in their character to thrive in your setting and advance the values of your community? 

Will the culture advance your candidate?

The culture of your health facility can be a great reference point when considering whether candidates are a good fit. But simultaneously, your culture can also do some of the talking to appeal to your ideal candidates.

Every work culture is different, so if you can share the best of your organization and position it as a place to work and grow, you’ll make your opportunity more memorable - and more attractive. In your job postings, job descriptions and interactions, be sure to highlight what makes your organization different, and why it’s a desirable place to live and practice.

Candidates will want to know what it’s actually like to be a member of your organization. You’ll want to present clear details about work/life balance, your employee’s satisfaction, opportunities for growth at your facility and how you communicate with your staff.

Work culture is all about how your organization is acknowledged by those who are a part of it. Do you create a comfortable, encouraging and empowering setting for your health care workers and employees? Do your recruits feel respected, heard and empathized with during a particularly difficult time to be a health care worker?

Don’t underestimate a candidate’s ability to get real answers to these questions outside their encounters with you. They’ll be interested in what insiders have to say, how your organization is being discussed online and how other respected professionals in the industry regard your community.


Your culture matters. How you describe it and the insight you offer candidates matters - for them to make the best decision for their future, and for your future as an organization. Ultimately, your organization’s culture becomes the environment and community you continuously nurture and evolve. So be sure those you welcome to your organization support that vision, and you’re putting your best foot forward to show candidates how they have the opportunity to support that vision, too.


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