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Telehealth changes for organizations and physician recruitment


For decades, the nation’s healthcare organizations have paid some of the highest employee salaries of any industry, outside of sports and entertainment. That alone should be enough for recruiters and organizations to hire who they want, when they want. And yet, with the doctor and nursing shortage, the growing demand for telemedicine, as well as the labyrinth of changing laws regarding telehealth have forced hiring teams to rethink what they once took granted. Telehealth has been around since 1997 but it wasn’t until COVID-19 that a torrent of need, demand and access to telehealth ....


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Technology and physician work-life balance


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a significant challenge for physicians. With increasing patient loads, administrative responsibilities and the ongoing need for professional development, physicians often find themselves struggling to make time for their personal lives and better self-care. Fortunately, technology, often seen as a contributor to the stress of modern life, can be a powerful ally in enhancing work-life balance for physicians. Digital health records: Streamlining administrative tasks One of the most significant technological advancements in healthcare has been the adopti....


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Telemedicine benefits


With its truly meteoric rise, telemedicine has quickly become one of the most positive disruptors in the healthcare industry. Learning about telemedicine’s humble beginnings - and its rapid rise - can certainly aid in a recruiter’s overall understanding of this breakthrough technology, which could ultimately lead to forming specialized strategies for pairing physician candidates with desirable telemedicine positions. Telemedicine’s humble beginnings The genesis of telemedicine was being formed well before the invention of the modern internet. During the 1950s and 1960s, p....


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Checking a candidate’s digital footprint


You have multiple CVs, you have done a few phone screens, you have picked some of your favorites from your pile of physician candidates, but you are still not sure who to bring in for an on-site interview. Either no one stands out above the rest, or they all do. How will they fit in with the existing group? How will they get along with the whole team? You need to make sure the physician candidate you choose will be an extension of your company, and in today’s cancel culture, you want to check out their digital footprint. This is why I used social media to look at potential candidates d....


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Recruiting in a virtual world


Virtually everyone has taken some type of personality test as part of a job search, team-building exercise or simply out of curiosity. Whatever the test, it’s a pretty sure bet the results for physician recruiters reveal a propensity for relationship building and spending time with others. Months of being physically distanced and likely working remotely may lead to feelings of being more alone than ever. Fortunately, technology allows us to remain connected to family and friends, and continue seeking, meeting and hiring physicians and advanced practice providers for your organization. No....


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