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What recruiters should look for in physician CVs


what recruiters should look for in physician CVs, a recruiter holding a CV on a table with a magnifying glass Posted by Stephen Leggitt
what recruiters should look for in physician CVs, a recruiter holding a CV on a table with a magnifying glass

Connecting with a new candidate usually starts with the time-tested process of receiving and studying their curriculum vitae (CV). You’ve most likely experienced candidates who shine beyond their CVs and could easily win the job during the interview process based solely on interpersonal skills. However, without a well-written and comprehensive CV showcasing their educational background and proven clinical skills, candidates won’t even be given the opportunity to get their foot in the door. What attributes and information should be most important to you while analyzing a physician’s CV? What exactly should you be looking for?


Start with the basics

While it might seem obvious, it’s still good practice to study the most basic facets of the candidate’s CV to make sure they’re eligible for placement. Research the medical school they attended, where they completed residency and the degree attained - basically make sure there’s nothing missing that may keep them from legally working in the medical field. While the odds of a physician candidate providing misleading information or fabrications on their CV are rare, it’s still of paramount importance to verify their background details, as the social responsibility that comes with a physician position needs to be thoroughly vetted to protect the organization and future patients.

Placing specialists

Sorting through a virtual stack of CVs provides a solid opportunity to pinpoint those candidates who possess specific skills and specialties which correspond with the ongoing needs of specialized organizations and facilities. Whether it takes the shape of unique certifications or clinical experience in a distinctive field, making those connections between the CV and an open position may be the final puzzle piece in matching that latest placement you’ve been trying to fill.

Community involvement

There is no denying a physician’s education, real-world experience and clinical history are of supreme importance when trying to convince the hiring organization they will be successful in the open position. However, with the placement of a candidate into a facility, you are also placing them in the surrounding community. Searching through a candidate’s CV for highlighted areas of community outreach, such as promoting public health initiatives or treating local underserved populations, will help prove they are not just hiring a qualified doctor, but a contributing member of the community as well.

Reach out to references

There are few industries where a professional recommendation carries as much substantial weight as the medical field. Usually, the healthcare professional a physician candidate lists on their CV as a reference will be a mentor who has witnessed the physician actively working in a high-stress, clinical setting. Who would be a better contact to consult when trying to gauge if your candidate would thrive in the unique environment in which you’re considering placing them to work? Talking to not just one but all listed and available references will give you a well-rounded and comprehensive view of your candidate’s clinical strengths, workplace amiability and professionalism.

Look beyond the degree

What stands out about your physician candidate that cannot be fully represented in a one- or two-page CV? What attributes can you showcase to a healthcare organization that they will clearly benefit from your candidate’s everyday presence? Are they compassionate, active listeners? Does their personal outlook align with the values and mission statement of the organization? Are they someone who is comfortable working with multiple departments and with many different types of staff? Looking beyond the degree and hours spent in residency will help demonstrate a more well-rounded picture of your physician candidate.

Spotting a standout CV

Knowing what to look for in a CV, and how to spot one that truly stands out, is a skill that every successful recruiter should possess. Knowing which sections on a CV should be prioritized based on the hiring organization’s needs is an area where you can use your expertise to significantly benefit your physician candidate’s future. At the end of the day, the CV is the first step of many on the path to helping a physician land their dream job, and as such the importance of constructing a well-balanced and effective CV cannot be understated.



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