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Virtual interview tips for physician recruiters


an interview on a computer using virtual interview tips for physician recruiters Posted by Megan Trippi
an interview on a computer using virtual interview tips for physician recruiters

In the continuously changing world of physician recruitment, virtual interviews have become an essential tool for physician recruiters. With the rise of remote work and telemedicine, the ability to conduct effective virtual interviews is paramount.

Being comfortable and confident interviewing candidates on video will set you apart from organizations who do not have a strong virtual interview strategy.

Know the technology

Before diving into virtual interviews, it’s crucial to ensure you and your team are well versed in the technical aspects of the process.

  • Familiarize yourself with the video conferencing platform you will be using - whether it’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another solution.
  • Test your equipment, including cameras, microphones and internet connectivity to make sure you’ll have a smooth and uninterrupted interview experience.

By being prepared, you can reduce potential issues that may impact effective communication with prospective candidates.

Create a professional environment

Create a professional atmosphere during virtual interviews to convey your organization’s commitment to excellence.

  • Choose a quiet and well-lit location for the interview, preferably with a neutral background that minimizes distractions.
  • Dress professionally to set the right tone.
  • Encourage your interviewees to do the same, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a professional appearance even in a virtual setting.

Develop engaging interview techniques

Conducting engaging virtual interviews is important to evaluate quality candidates and see if you want to move them to the next step of the process. You can foster meaningful conversations with:

Active listening

  • Demonstrate active listening skills by paying close attention to the candidate’s responses.
  • Maintain eye contact by looking into the camera rather than at your own image on the screen.
  • Show genuine interest and provide verbal and nonverbal cues to let the candidate know you are engaged in the conversation.

Structured questions

  • Prepare a list of structured questions in advance to ensure consistency and gather essential information from each candidate.
  • Ask open-ended questions that encourage candidates to provide detailed responses, showcasing their qualifications, experience and fit for the position.

Behavior-based questions

  • Incorporate behavior-based questions to assess how candidates have handled specific situations in the past. This approach helps you gauge their problem-solving skills, adaptability and ability to work with and within a team.

Role-specific scenarios

  • Present candidates with hypothetical scenarios relevant to the role for which they’re interviewing. This allows you to assess their critical thinking abilities, decision-making skills and how they would handle challenging situations specific to the opening.

Enhance the candidate experience

Virtual interviews offer an opportunity to show your organization’s commitment to creating a positive candidate experience. Be punctual, respecting the candidate’s time and availability. Prioritize clear and transparent communication throughout the interview process, providing timely updates and feedback.

Additionally, offer opportunities for candidates to ask questions about the opening, organization and any concerns they may have. By focusing on candidate experience, you can leave a lasting impression and make your organization stand out among others.

With virtual interviews becoming the norm, especially at the beginning of the hiring process, it’s imperative to become comfortable with conducting interviews over video. Continue to perfect your ability to perform virtual interviews and watch the candidates open up and share more easily.


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