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Tips for reviewing a CV


Use these tips when reviewing a CV Posted by Megan Trippi
Use these tips when reviewing a CV

You have an opening, post the job and start receiving CVs. When looking at candidates on paper, how do you know whom to contact for the next step?

There are great questions to ask throughout the interview process. When reviewing CVs, start by asking yourself the below questions:

  • Does the timing make sense? Are there any gaps?

The candidate’s experience should be listed in chronological order from present to past in month/year format. It isn’t uncommon to have small gaps between practice opportunities, especially after residency or fellowship. However, gaps three months or longer should elicit follow-up questions. It may have been a thorough job search, a long interview process, volunteer work or other reasons, but it is good to ask to understand longer gaps in their professional work.

  • Are there extracurricular interests or activities? Are they related to the candidate’s professional pursuits?

If the candidate is applying for a position in pediatrics, have they volunteered with children? Are they looking for a career in cardiology and doing research on heart health and nutrition? There are many hobbies or outside activities a candidate may have, and if they are in line with their specialty, it shows their passion and commitment to the profession.

  • Does their experience align with the opening?

Similar to their interests corelating with the candidate’s professional experience and goals, their career history and skills should also fit with the job for which they’re applying. If the opening is for an OBGYN, it might raise some flags if the candidate’s experience is in orthopaedics. There may have been a shift in their specialty, so it could be worth a different line of questioning. Look at their training and residency - along with their experience - to see if their skills fit the opening.

  • Do they have the licenses and certifications needed to practice in this role?

Every CV should include licenses and credentials. There’s a chance the candidate will relocate for this job, so they may not be licensed in your state. Regardless, they should have their licensing and credentials to practice medicine in their field.

  • If the candidate is an International Medical Graduate (IMG), do they have a visa?

The CV may not include visa status for the candidate. If on paper the IMG looks like a great fit, you can move forward in the process and discuss visa status if your organization has current openings accepting visas.


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