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The value of a seamless, all-in-one recruitment tool


The value of a seamless, all-in-one recruitment tool Posted by Megan Trippi
The value of a seamless, all-in-one recruitment tool

Physician recruiters fill open positions to heal communities every day. It is not always an easy task, and a great deal of responsibility falls on them. Recruitment tools can help ease the burden of those day-to-day tasks, but how do you know what tools provide the best value?

Some of the main recruitment activities include posting jobs, sourcing candidates and tracking applicants. There are many tools out there to help perform each of those duties, but it can be difficult to know which will deliver the greatest return on investment of both time and budget.

Imagine eliminating the need to manually enter the same information in multiple locations; no longer having to keep track of multiple partners and vendors; and being able to log every task, note and expense in one place because the key aspects of the recruiting and hiring process can be done seamlessly in an integrated system. It would definitely save time and create less hassle.

PracticeLink understood the need for a system like this, so we developed the Recruitment Management System. With RMS, it’s possible for recruiters to post, source and track with a job board, Candidate Relationship Manager and Applicant Tracking System linked together in one integrated tool.

When a job is posted, candidates apply. With an integrated recruitment tool, those candidates can automatically enter a recruitment funnel in an Applicant Tracking System. If a candidate didn’t apply, but is still of interest, recruiters can add them to their recruitment funnel and communicate with them directly through the Candidate Relationship Manager. Using a seamless recruitment tool allows all candidates to be housed in one place and moved through the recruitment process. Recruiters can do every step from posting jobs to sourcing candidates to tracking applicants, along with recording recruitment and retention activities for each job, candidate and new hire.

There is value in being able to do those three main activities in one place, without having to use different systems or getting used to different tools - not to mention only having to pay for one product. RMS includes the most widely visited physician and advanced practice provider job board, a robust CRM and customizable ATS. It combines the main three steps - essential to existing recruitment efforts - to take candidates from their job search to your hire, while saving you both time and money.


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