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Successful recruitment starts with your job posting


Increase job response to your job postings based on SEO, title and job description. Posted by Megan Trippi
Increase job response to your job postings based on SEO, title and job description.

In some areas of the country, there has been a surge in health care staffing, while in other areas, positions have been furloughed or recruitment of certain specialties has been placed on hold.

Regardless which situation your organization is experiencing, quality candidates are searching for available jobs, and your job posting often serves as the first impression of those openings.

When you post a job, you expect interested candidates to apply. But, can they find your job posting, and does it catch their eye or compel them to click?

Your opportunity should entice candidates to want more information or respond to your posting. You first need to make sure your job can be easily searched. Then, there are many factors that go into writing a captivating job posting to catch candidates’ attention.

Improve search results

If you want candidates to view your jobs, you need to ensure your jobs show in search results. In order to do so, you want to choose an accurate and clear job title. If candidates are searching for jobs, you want to be sure yours is one they will see, so consider what your desired candidate will search when you create the title and incorporate those words or phrases.

Similar to the job title, the job description can also contain keywords a physician or advanced practice provider might search. Don’t stuff the description with keywords in hopes to be found, but rather write a clear portrayal of the job and the required skills. If you write with the candidate in mind, you will most likely include keywords for which they’ll search.

Get your job noticed

The candidate has found your job listing, but what will make them respond?

An exciting introduction will hook the potential applicant and give them a little something to make them want to read more about the opportunity. Share information about your organization that candidates would enjoy learning.

Sell the position. Every job posting a candidate reads will include a description and requirements, so don’t list every possible responsibility they might encounter or every single skill you think they should possess. Limit it to only the necessary expectations and attributes to make room for more compelling information about the position, organization and community.

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