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Make your physician job description more than words


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When you create an online job posting, what is your goal? If it is to give every little detail about the opening, I believe you have missed the mark. The goal of a job posting is to capture, in a split second, the candidate’s attention and have them wanting more.

A great example of this is your social media feeds. Have you ever scrolled through your feed, only stopping when you see an image that caught your attention? We are stimulated by visuals. Some of the most popular social media apps are ones that utilize visuals. YouTube is entirely videos. Instagram - photos/videos. TikTok - videos. Even on LinkedIn and Facebook, the visual posts generate more attention than ones that are only text.

Gone are the days of the plain text black and white want ads in the back of the newspaper or journal. The internet has changed this, enabling you to create a vibrant and visually appealing posting. According to Barbara Wilmes’ study "Coming to Our Senses," over 80% of information processed is visual. Keep that in mind when creating your job posting.

At the least, your posting should include your company’s logo. Not only is it visual, but it also assists with identification and branding. A logo is not enough to stand out - be sure to use other visuals as well. If "a picture is worth a thousand words" then you should take every opportunity to include an image. Images capture a viewer’s eye as well as convey a story. If one image can tell a story, think of the story you can tell with a 10-image slideshow.

As great as Images are, video really catches the eye and engages the viewer. I believe one would be more inclined to watch a one-minute video than read five paragraphs. A video can communicate so much in that minute. Your opportunity, your organization, your culture, your community, what sets you apart from the competition, and more.

So much can be communicated visually - evening in an online job posting, which you normally think of as text-heavy. First, these images and videos are a way to attract the viewer to the posting. Then they are used to tell a story. If they have piqued the candidate’s interest enough, they will read the text in your posting, research your opportunity more or even contact you to discuss in greater detail.

PracticeLink understands how candidates are attracted to visuals. That is why we provide clients the opportunity to utilize logos, images, slideshows and videos to convey your opportunity and community to them.

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