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Find physicians by attending a virtual career fair


Connect with job-seeking candidates from the comfort of your home or office by exhibiting at a PracticeLink Virtual Career Fair. Posted by Drew Terry
Connect with job-seeking candidates from the comfort of your home or office by exhibiting at a PracticeLink Virtual Career Fair.

In uncertain times, one thing is sure: Things change.

The COVID-19 impact on physician recruitment has varied in organizations across the country. While some departments have slowed their recruiting efforts and assisted in other areas, we have heard from many organizations that their recruiting strategy continues for today’s needs as well as the future.

But how do you find new candidates for your organization’s needs when many of your traditional recruiting options aren’t available? One solution is to make a virtual connection.

Virtual events - like career fairs - provide a unique opportunity to still connect with potential candidates. They’re a good solution anytime as a way to save on travel expenses, and they’re especially helpful when face-to-face interaction is discouraged or not possible. 

Why exhibit at a virtual career fair?

  1. Meet candidates.
    Obviously, that’s the main goal of participating in any career fair. Virtual events are no different. Exhibiting lets you broaden your candidate funnel by finding quality candidates for immediate and future opportunities and prescreening them to see if they’re a good fit for your organization.


  1. Increase awareness of your organization.
    Even virtual fairs are a great opportunity to share your organization’s mission and culture. Your virtual booth can lead to stronger awareness by including your logo, mission statement, company profile, open opportunities, videos and more.


  1. Leave organized and ready to take the next step.
    In a PracticeLink Virtual Career Fair, you rate each candidate using a five-star scale following the chat. (More on that below.) This keeps ratings consistent across the board, making it easier to compare candidates afterward.


After the event, you can continue to access the site to review candidate profiles, resumes and chat transcripts. For PracticeLink clients, a lead report of all the event candidates will also be uploaded to a new Group accessible via your dashboard in the PracticeLink Candidate Relationship Manager.

If Virtual Career Fairs are an unexplored option for you, there’s good news: They’re also easy to use.

  • Set up from virtually anywhere.
    Search for your next hire whether you’re working from home or at the office. All you need is a strong internet connection and a supported browser (Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari, Chrome or Firefox). Live training is available before the event, and live technical support is available during and after events.
  • Use a consistent rating system.
    PracticeLink Virtual Career Fairs feature a five-star rating model for candidates. After each chat, rate the candidate according to the scale as determined by your participating recruiters. Take some brief notes to remind yourself of the conversation, then compare candidate ratings following the event for easy review and comparison.
  • Chat with multiple candidates at once.
    The event itself consists of timed chats with candidates. To maximize the number of candidate connections, each recruiter has the ability to conduct multiple chats simultaneously. If you’re having a particularly good exchange, there’s also an option to extend your chat time.


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