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A recruiter’s guide to screening physician cover letters


recruiter screening physician cover letters Posted by Megan Trippi
recruiter screening physician cover letters

When you post an opening, you’ll likely receive multiple CVs - most with cover letters. Physician cover letters give you a glimpse into who the candidate actually is beyond their education and formal experience. As an important screening tool, the art of reviewing physician cover letters requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to identify standout candidates.

As you read and review each cover letter, make note of these actions you can perform to find the right candidate:

Know the requirements

Understanding the specific requirements and responsibilities of the opportunity allows you to identify key qualifications and skills to look for in physician cover letters. By assessing whether candidates address these requirements, you can identify and weed out those who lack the necessary attributes, streamlining the screening process.

Evaluate customized content

All cover letters should have content specific to the candidate, and they should not all sound the same. Search for evidence that candidates have taken the time to research the organization, understand its values and goals and align their experiences with the specific requirements of the role. Look for cover letters that demonstrate a genuine interest in the position and showcase how their skills and experiences can contribute to the organization’s culture.

Assess communication skills

Strong communication skills are vital for physicians, and cover letters provide an initial glimpse into a candidate’s abilities. Look for clarity, conciseness and professionalism in the candidate’s writing. Well-structured cover letters should effectively convey the candidate’s experiences, qualifications and career goals. Attention to grammar, spelling and sentence structure indicates attention to detail and professionalism.

Review relevant experiences

Physician cover letters should highlight relevant experiences that align with the requirements of the opening. Focus on candidates who possess the necessary skills, training, certifications and achievements. Look for mentions of clinical expertise, research contributions, leadership roles and other notable accomplishments. Evaluating a candidate’s past experiences helps assess their potential to excel in a future position.

Look for passion and motivation

Physicians and providers will feel fulfilled when they are passionate about their work, driving their commitment and dedication to providing quality care. Keep an eye out for candidates who demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for the organization, specialty and a desire to make a difference. Candidates who exhibit a clear understanding of the challenges and positive attributes of the opportunity and organization are likely to be highly motivated and committed if hired.

Recognize professionalism

Professionalism is a fundamental aspect of the medical field, and cover letters should reflect this quality. Evaluate whether the cover letter is well-structured, error free and organized. Attention to formatting, proper address and inclusion of essential contact information reflects professionalism. A professional tone and respectful language leave a positive impression and indicate attention to detail.

Screening physician cover letters is an essential task in the physician recruitment process. Focusing on customized content, communication, professionalism, passion and relevant experience and training that will help the candidate perform their responsibilities will allow you to see the potential hire outside the formality of their CV. Think of their cover letter as your first impression of them.


To close out this article in a similar way to the cover letters you’ll review, we look forward to speaking with you more about physician recruitment and candidate screening. We are available to discuss physician cover letters and more aspects of recruitment further when you email


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