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5 ways to reach passive physician candidates


recruiter on a computer with a checklist of 5 tips to reach passive job seekers Posted by Megan Trippi
recruiter on a computer with a checklist of 5 tips to reach passive job seekers

In the ever-evolving landscape of physician and provider recruitment, finding the right candidates to join your team can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Traditional job boards and standard posting methods only scratch the surface when it comes to attracting top-tier talent. To truly tap into the potential of passive job seekers, you need a strategic approach that goes beyond the job board. Luckily, there are a few ways to effectively reach passive candidates:

  1. Go beyond the job board

While job boards are a great solution and have their place in physician recruitment, they may not always engage the untapped potential of passive job seekers not actively searching job postings. PracticeLink PRO Solutions can help you engage those physicians and providers and reach both active and passive candidates effectively.

  1. Strengthen brand identity

A crucial element of PracticeLink PRO Solutions is its integration with PracticeLink Magazine and First Practice, the Resident and Fellow Career Guide. These publications allow you to do more than just advertise job openings - they empower you to establish a strong brand presence in the minds of potential candidates. By being featured in these reputable publications, you’re not only advertising your opportunities, but you’re also positioning your organization as a desirable destination for professionals in the medical field.

  1. Connect with passive candidates through Specialty Conference Leads

Passive job seekers are often found in specialized settings, such as medical conferences and industry events. PracticeLink PRO Solutions provide you with a unique avenue to connect with these candidates through Specialty Conference Leads. Let PracticeLink attend specialty conferences on your behalf to collect leads for your specialty openings. You can then use a personal touch or set up a campaign to contact your exclusive leads. This can make all the difference in capturing the attention of passive candidates who may have otherwise overlooked your postings.

  1. Broaden your candidate funnel

PracticeLink PRO Solutions are not just about finding passive candidates - they also help you engage with active job seekers to widen your candidate funnel. This multifaceted approach ensures you’re reaching providers at various stages of their job search journey. By offering valuable resources and engagement opportunities, you create a comprehensive experience that fosters lasting relationships with potential candidates.

  1. Save with a PowerPack

Available exclusively to PracticeLink clients, bundling PracticeLink PRO Solutions offers an incredible advantage for your recruitment efforts. Not only do you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, but you also enjoy substantial cost savings. With the PracticeLink PowerPack, you can reach a vast audience of over 100,000 residents, fellows, physicians and providers through PracticeLink Magazine and First Practice, have your organization featured on, reaching an impressive user base of 160,000 individuals every month and receive exclusive Specialty Conference Leads that give you direct access to potential candidates in targeted events.

PracticeLink PRO Solutions empower you to transcend the limitations of traditional job boards and connect with both active and passive candidates in meaningful ways. By bundling your efforts with the PracticeLink PowerPack, you’re not only optimizing your recruitment strategy, but you’re also making a savvy investment in your organization’s future. Discover the possibilities with PracticeLink PRO Solutions and unlock a world of potential candidates that reach even more than traditional methods.


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