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Student Loan Regulation Changes Give Physician Recruiters in Texas and California New PSLF Opportunities


In November, the Department of Education announced new rules that will allow thousands of attending physicians to qualify for student loan forgiveness. The revised regulations will make it possible for those practicing in California and Texas to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, which wipes out federal student loans for those working in the government and nonprofit sectors. This rule change is a game changer for hospitals and health care systems that have had to rely on traditional, costly incentives to attract doctors. Public Service Loan Forgiveness was enacted by Congress in 200....


Joy Sorensen Navarre

Increase recruitment and lower costs with student loan analysis


If you’ve found recruiting "slightly off balance," consider an alternative to student loan contributions: student loan analysis and management help. With this, physicians can save, on average, between $40,000 and $400,000 on student debt - more than many health system contributions. In fact, one Eastern US health system recruiting department increased recruitment by 32 percent in just one year by offering loan analysis. How Tough was Recruitment in 2021? According to the 2022 AAPPR Annual Report, only 44% of family medicine positions were filled in 2021, averaging 124 days for each vac....


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Recruiting physicians with evolving student loan benefits


I recently polled a large group of in-house physician recruiters to learn more about how often student loans are discussed and how student loan benefits are leveraged in the recruiting process. I asked the following three questions: 1. Do you discuss outstanding student loans with your recruits? Roughly two-thirds of respondents said yes. 2.Does your hospital offer any form of student loan benefits to providers? Just over half, 52%, said yes. 3.Is your hospital a qualified employer for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (psLf) program? More than 80% responded yes, and no one was unsure o....


Jason DiLorenzo

Why and how to talk to candidates about student loan debt


Let’s face it: Physician recruiters have challenging jobs. Your candidates are swamped and have minimal time for you. Unreturned calls and texts abound. But have you noticed that successful recruiters empathize with candidates? They know their dreams, goals and preferences. The most knowledgeable recruiters build strong bonds and know candidate challenges, too. Elite recruiters offer solutions. One solution: Assist your candidates with student loans - seriously Physicians struggle with student loans. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 75 percent of residents ha....


Joy Sorensen Navarre

Help Physicians and Candidates Save Thousands on Student Loans


Placing physician candidates is incredibly challenging. And student loans are incredibly challenging for physicians. Now you can help physicians and candidates and your employees. Tell them to apply for the Limited Waiver Option (LWO) by this Oct 31. Physicians who wanted Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) faced complicated requirements. In fact, of applicants received forgiveness; 98% were rejected. LWO: Your Chance to Build Trust In October of 2021, the Department of Education eased qualifications for forgiveness, so many physicians who didn’t qualify before may now. This - ....


Read articles from Navigate president, Joy Navarre on PracticeLink Joy Sorensen Navarre

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