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Overcoming physician onboarding challenges


From that first phone call – when a healthcare recruiter initiates contact with a physician job seeker, the foundation is laid for a potentially incredible bond. As the faceless name on a brilliant CV morphs into a voice over the phone, then a full-fledged personality, a framework of mutual trust takes shape. Soon recognized as a bona fide talent, the physician becomes a candidate and the relationship between the two is nurtured with moments of laughter, shared dreams, meaningful stories and exciting (mouthwatering, even!) details about the amazing open position that’s absolutely p....


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Enhancing physician retention in organizations


Retaining talented physicians is crucial for the success of your organization. For physician recruiters, implementing effective strategies to optimize employee retention is key. Here are ten strategies you can employ to foster a supportive and engaging work environment that will encourage employees to stay with your organization for the long haul and help you with enhancing physician retention in organizations: Streamline the onboarding process. Ensure a smooth transition for new hires by streamlining the onboarding process. Organizations that have clear communication and comprehensive orien....


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Onboarding steps for physician recruiters


Congratulations, you’ve successfully recruited a new physician to join your team! While the recruitment process is undeniably a major milestone, the journey doesn’t end there. The onboarding phase is a critical bridge between hiring and sustained success. Here are some onboarding steps for physician recruiters to take to successfully integrate new hires into your organization: Communicate The moment a physician accepts an offer, clear and consistent communication becomes paramount. Reach out promptly with a personalized welcome message, detailing next steps and providing essential ....


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Physician onboarding checklist


Welcoming a new physician to your team is a pivotal moment. Having a well-organized onboarding process in place is the key to ensuring they have a smooth transition. Here is a comprehensive checklist to guide you through the essential steps for a seamless onboarding experience: Pre-arrival preparation Coordinate with new hires regarding housing arrangements and make arrangements for them if necessary. Have everything in place to ensure new hires have access to all necessary technology and systems. Help with the facilitation and procurement of any required licenses and credentials. Welcom....


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Benefits of recruiting locum tenens


Physician recruiters are constantly looking for innovative solutions to address staffing shortages. Locum tenens, physicians who come in on a temporary basis to fill openings until a replacement provider can be found, have emerged as a powerful option to navigate this hurdle.  The use of locum tenens can provide a myriad of benefits for your organization. Staffing flexibility One of the key benefits of utilizing locum tenens physicians is the flexibility they can offer your staffing model. Whether it’s covering for a physician on leave, managing seasonal fluctuations or addressing u....


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