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‘Don't forget you liked me': 6 reasons physicians leave


I remember this as if it happened yesterday. Earlier in my career as a physician recruiter, I received a phone call from a newly placed doctor. She was an Internist and a good one. I felt terrific about this placement. She had just finished her residency training in Texas, and I placed her in a large system she wanted in Missouri. Everything for her arrival, orientation and onboarding was all set. She relocated and started her new position, with licensing and credentialing in hand, on her contracted start date of July 1 (a rarity). I checked in with her after Day One, and she told me everythin....


Michele Gutermuth

Open jobs equal lost revenue


Have you added up how much a physician or advanced practice provider vacancy costs? If not, the numbers might be alarming. Many factors contribute to the high costs of physician and APP vacancies, including search firm/agency costs, recruitment and interview expenses, lost revenue and physician burnout.   Recruitment and Interview Expenses There are expenses associated with recruiting, and the longer a position is left open, the more those costs increase. According to the 2019 Benchmarking Report from the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment, nearly two-thirds of o....


Megan Trippi

3 benefits of focusing on employee retention


Talking about retention during the recruitment process may seem premature or unnecessary, but it can help your prospective candidate see how great it is to work at your organization. However, you can’t promote your retention if you haven’t already placed a focus on it. There are several ways to prioritize employee retention at your organization, especially during the pandemic. You can create an employee referral program and employee assistance program, build trust, communicate, help decrease burnout and positively manage your employees. When employees are happy to work at your orga....


Megan Trippi

Button up your onboarding process to improve your candidate experience


Virtually every interview process touches on how good it is to work at the organization. The onboarding process, though, is the first official chance to prove it. According to a Gallup State of the American Workplace study, many employers have room for improvement. Only 12% of surveyed employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees. Employees form opinions about their organizations every day. It starts with their experience as a candidate for your opportunity and continues through onboarding and their acclimation into the role. A poor onboarding experi....


Drew Terry

Enhancing your organization's elevator pitch


  As a recruiter, you’re likely familiar with the concept of an elevator pitch. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve been on the receiving end of countless elevator pitches from candidates hoping to be recruited. It’s a brief, condensed overview of their experience, goals and achievements that, when delivered well, makes you want to learn more about them. But when you have a limited window to engage with candidates and compel their interest, what do you say about your health care system? In other words, what’s elevator pitch? Whether it’s a shor....


Alexandra Cappetta

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