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Recruiting and retaining physicians in rural areas


Attracting and retaining physicians in rural areas can pose a unique set of challenges. It can be particularly challenging to draw a physician with a family to an area that may not seem to have as much to offer in the way of activities and excitement. But with strategic approaches and tailored initiatives, your organization can successfully recruit and retain quality physicians to serve in these underserved communities. Here are some strategies for recruiting and retaining physicians in rural areas: Point out the pros of practicing in a rural area. While recruiting in a rural area may pose uni....


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Recruiting physician candidates based on location


Healthcare recruiters know that a multitude of factors can influence a physician candidate choosing one position over another. Perhaps few aspects are more important or prevalent in a physician’s decision than the physical location of the practice or healthcare facility. There are monumental differences between working in a major metropolitan city and working in a more rural, underserved area. Just like the locations are vastly different, so are physician candidates. Knowing how to successfully promote an available position and showcase its benefits, regardless of the location, is a vita....


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A recruiter’s role in physician relocation


Relocation is an important aspect of physician recruitment. We discuss relocation allowances, signing bonuses (that can assist with relocation), community tours and more during the recruitment process. These are tools used to help the physician decide whether your opportunity is the best fit for them and their family. After the physician signs the contract, the real work begins. The period between the signing of the contract and beginning practice is critical. The physician received a taste of your culture during the recruitment process, but an organization’s culture becomes evident afte....


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What to highlight when recruiting for a rural hospital


On top of the physician shortage the country is experiencing, rural areas have been even harder hit. The American Hospital Association has reported that although 20 percent of Americans live in rural communities, fewer than 10 percent of physicians practice there. "Not only are there just not enough doctors all the way around, but they tend to be more heavily concentrated or interested in working in your metro and suburban areas," explains Steve Look, president and founder of Paradigm Search Group in Dallas. So what can you as a recruiter do to attract and recruit physicians to rural facilitie....


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3 lifestyle attributes of rural communities


At first glance, it may seem most physicians prefer to be in the city or a suburban community, but there can be advantages when recruiting for rural practices. If you’ve already shared the benefits of your small-town practice and its patients, look to promote the positives of living in a rural neighborhood. Three ways to have your rural practice appeal to physicians are: Outdoor recreation and small-town charm Depending on where your practice is, you might be close to lakes and rivers, mountains or other areas with great outdoor activities. If you have a candidate who is into hiki....


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