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The role of part-time work


As a result of burnout taking hold on many providers and their organizations, some physicians are opting to make some changes to their work, to their lifestyle, or to both. For some physicians, dialing back their hours has been one path - including downshifting to a part-time job. Others have decided that now is the time to apply their skills to important humanitarian work. Others still have decided that putting all their career eggs in one basket with a single employer is too risky, and have opted to instead work for multiple employers or to supplement their full-time schedule with moonlighti....


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A look back at 2022 in health care


As we look back on the previous year, there were ups and downs, progress made and some changes in the industry. So, what did we see in 2022 in health care? 2020 and the COVID pandemic brought an increase in the use of virtual care, and in the last two years, there’s been an even larger investment in telehealth. In addition, there have also been changes to medical student loan repayment, a focus placed on mental health and shifts in the amount of job responses. Student loan repayment Requirements were eased on the Limited Waiver Option, so physicians in nonprofit, government and tribal or....


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Heading into 2022 with intention


Many people - including physicians and physician recruiters - were ready to put 2020 behind them and see a prosperous 2021. While things did improve, the year proved to be another turbulent one for many - and for many reasons. One thing remained constant: Health care professionals were essential and necessary, creating a need for even more physicians and advanced practice providers. As we approach the new year, consider these resolutions for a healthy mindset and perspective on recruitment heading into 2022:   Communicate clearly Each candidate and message may require different meth....


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Physician recruitment: A year in review


2020 was the year of unprecedented times. 2021 became all about uncertainty. Many sought a return to normal - or near normal - as treatments and vaccines emerged. Physician recruitment was no different. However, fluctuating caseloads and continued precautions and restrictions led to a state of limbo with each activity. Some events took place in person. Others went virtual. A few attempted a hybrid approach, and others were outright canceled. Through it all, recruiters remained vigilant in finding ways to connect with physicians and advanced practice providers as they sought candidates for ....


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6 ways COVID-19 is changing physician recruitment


You’ve already experienced the effects of COVID-19 on your day-to-day recruitment processes. While we can’t predict every change physician recruitment will undergo, we do know the coronavirus has had immediate implications for recruiters. Michele Gutermuth, PracticeLink Director of Provider Engagement and a physician recruiter for over 20 years, shared her thoughts on how our world’s current events are impacting the physician recruitment industry. Here are some of the trends - and how you can respond to establish a new normal that still helps you work toward your next hire.....


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