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The future of physician employment


It would be simple if physician recruiters could do open hiring, where the first person to apply for a position gets the job - regardless of experience. Unfortunately, that only works when hiring at orchards and rock quarries. In the world of healthcare, who you hire can reverberate shockwaves through an organization and its surrounding patient community. For thoughtful, methodical recruitment, physician recruiters are compelled to scout based on competency - identifying candidates whose skills and values align with the organization’s needs, mission and vision. Over the next few years, h....


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Recruiting physicians for academic medicine


When the average person pictures the path of a physician, they most likely assume the physician attends medical school, goes through residency, and then begins treating patients at a hospital or a private facility. While this may be a more typical career lifecycle for many physicians, there are also countless numbers of highly successful healthcare professionals who found a love and career in academic medicine. Every physician that a patient has ever visited was once under the tutelage of an expert in their field, one who possessed the natural talent and skill to explain complicated subjects ....


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Using social media to search for physician candidates


With the invention of social media came a monumental shift in how you can scout and retain potential candidates. More and more physician recruiters are turning to social media to look for new candidates fresh out of residency. This change has brought a lot of success and a lot of needed fluidity as the social media landscape ebbs and flows. Knowing it is an open landscape for finding recruits, here are some ways you can start using social media to search for physician candidates: Build your presence  If a physician is searching for jobs in your general area and seeking out recruiters, wil....


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Best practices for sourcing physician candidates


Recruiting physicians is a nuanced process that requires a blend of strategic planning, thorough understanding of the healthcare landscape and a touch of human insight. The task is not just about filling a vacancy but ensuring the right fit between the physician and the healthcare facility. With that in mind, here are some best practices for sourcing physician candidates: Understand the role The first step in effectively sourcing physician candidates is possessing a deep understanding of the role you need to fill. This involves more than just knowing the medical specialty; it’s about u....


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How’s your candidate’s digital health?


Have you ever met a physician candidate ill-equipped to handle a job search in the digital world? Their CV is an organizational mess. They haven’t cleaned up their social media profiles. And they freeze on a virtual interview. If that sounds familiar, you’ll likely appreciate a recent article in PracticeLink Magazine that helps residents and fellows up their game in a virtual-first job search world. Here are some key areas to consider as you review your own candidates. Is their CV easy to read and process? For starters, producing a CV that’s easy to process is paramount. Sinc....


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