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Why aren’t physicians applying to jobs?


If you’re like many health care recruiters right now, you’ve found yourself toe-to-toe with a challenging reality in the world of talent acquisition: fewer job responses. The shrinking number of physicians and advanced practice providers applying for jobs is not just an anomaly occurring among certain openings or specialties, either. The entire landscape of health care employment has been shifting for years and has only been sped up by recent events. A trend of dwindling job applicants isn’t the good news recruiters hope for - there’s no sugar coating it. However, it ....


Alexandra Cappetta

Are physicians part of The Great Resignation?


Physician recruiters have known for years that the number of open jobs exceeds the number of qualified physician candidates, and the needs of the aging population will continue to outstrip the number of physicians coming out of ACGME accredited residencies. But now that COVID shutdowns are in the rearview mirror, a new challenge to filling open positions is emerging: an increasing number of physicians just saying "NO" to traditional private practice or employment options. They are piecing together their own quilt of revenue consisting of Part-time, 1099 shift work, job sharing, locum tenens an....


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When is a red flag not a red flag?


Physician recruiters easily rattle off the red flags that stop their optimistic reading of a physician CV: job hopping, unexplained gaps, shoddy formatting, CVs untailored to the organization or position. Ask any physician recruiter what gives them pause, and odds are good that they’ll immediately mention these common issues. If you’re recruiting for a sought-after job in a hot market, red flags like these can be an easy reason to shunt a CV from the "contact" folder to the "maybe" or "hold" one. After all, medical directors and administrators have also learned to be sensitive to t....


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Helping physicians land where they'll love


Finding a place they’ll love doesn’t always happen right off the bat for physicians, despite their best efforts when job searching. The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) says the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) reported in 2020 that the health care industry then was seeing a turnover rate of about 6 to 7 percent annually, which means that about 50,000 or more physicians move each year, presumably in search of a community or lifestyle that is a better fit. Of course, everyone wants physicians to stay put long-term. Employers want it, recruiters want it, and....


Recruiter Site Marcia Layton Turner

Perfecting your job posting template


How you promote and circulate information about your organization’s openings should be top of mind when putting your 2022 recruitment strategy to work. For every opening, you’ll want to craft a compelling job posting capable of attracting the skilled physicians and advanced practice providers your health system needs. While no two job postings should be exactly alike, having a reliable job posting template on hand to customize and repurpose can save you a great deal of time and effort. Crafting your template Whether you’re posting multiple opportunities for one facility or m....


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