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November 30, 2021

How discussing competition may help fill opportunities

Have you been interviewed for a job and wondered how many other candidates the employer was considering? Your physician candidates often ask themselves the same question when they interview for your open position.

Being honest early in the process about candidate interest in the opportunity will allow the prospect to better understand the competition for the desired opening.

Additionally, letting them know there are others being considered for the job, and there is large interest from other candidates, shows it’s a great opportunity and may increase their excitement about the position - and possibly create a sense of urgency. If the interviewee is a good fit and they want the position, knowing others are being considered may speed the process along and help you fill the position more quickly.

Talking to a potential hire about their competition may not seem natural, so be polite when sharing the information. Some ways to address the subject are:

"You seem like a great fit. We are considering other candidates as well, so what sets you apart from other applicants?"

"Thank you so much for your interest in the position. We do have other interviews set this week, so you should hear back from us early next week about next steps in the process."

"We would like to move forward with a site visit as your next step in the interview process. We do have two other candidates coming next week, so would you be available next week or the following to tour the facility and meet the team?"

"There were over a hundred applicants interested in the position and we have narrowed it down to five to interview. We were very impressed with your qualifications and skills and would like to hear more about your background and experience."


Being direct and clear as early as possible in the interview process will build trust with the candidate and create open communication and a positive hiring experience, reflecting well on your organization.

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