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The puzzle of in-house physician recruitment: finding the piece that fits


puzzle piece being put into a nearly completed puzzle Posted by Jackie Farley
puzzle piece being put into a nearly completed puzzle

If you were to think of a hospital as a jigsaw puzzle, you might consider each member of its staff a different piece of the whole.

So, who is the puzzle master, figuring out where all those pieces need to go? That would be you: the physician recruiter. One of your main responsibilities is to find the right fit for each position in your organization. Reframe the way you approach in-house physician recruitment with these insights:

Looking at the whole picture

A good physician recruiter knows their organization like no one else. That knowledge isn’t limited to what positions you are trying to fill; you also know the work culture of each department, and the personality of those already in place. You are aware of the staffing situation and time constraints on a new hire. Most importantly, you know what each department needs.

In addition to meeting current needs, a recruiter must consider the long-term goals and patient care mission of their organization. In other words, you know what the whole picture should look like and what pieces are missing.

Start with the edges first

An experienced recruiter will realize it’s not always enough to find a person with the right qualifications. Having an impressive CV is important, but there are factors that can make a good physician a bad fit. Find the edge pieces of your puzzle first - determine what traits would make a candidate the right person for that specific role.

Different departments may have different work atmospheres. Your job is to find someone who can blend into that atmosphere as seamlessly as possible. Getting an accurate read of a candidate’s personality during the interview process should give you a feel for how well they will integrate with the existing staff.

Finding the piece that fits

An in-house recruiter who has helped candidates sort through their goals and options has a good idea how they will fit into the local work culture. But once the field of candidates has been narrowed down, it’s time to bring in the physician leaders to get their thoughts.

After all, there are times when several puzzle pieces look like they could work in the same spot, but only one will accurately complete the picture. Talking to physician leaders and getting their input is key.

By working with their team, it ensures a candidate isn’t only a good fit, but that candidate is the RIGHT fit. And once you find that candidate, you can help them foster and build relationships with their team leaders right from the start.

Completing the picture…

One of the most important jobs begins after the contracts have all been signed - answering questions, training and onboarding.

Knowing where to get information and being able to guide new hires to those who can help them assimilate into their new position will give them confidence in you, the organization and themselves. This not only lessens anxiety in new hires but also promotes a positive work environment.


Once a new hire is successfully settled into a position, one would think the puzzle is complete, but the seasoned recruiter knows better.

In-house physician recruitment plays a vital role in finding the perfect fit for each position within a hospital. By understanding the big picture, identifying the right traits, collaborating with physician leaders, and fostering positive relationships, recruiters can assemble a cohesive and high-performing team. Embrace the puzzle-solving mindset in your recruitment approach and ensure each new piece enhances the overall picture of your organization’s success.


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