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September 3, 2021

Why you should post all your opportunities


For many job seekers, there’s an "I’ll know it when I see it" mentality when looking for the right opportunity. However, a compelling job posting can be the "it" that puts a candidate’s search on pause and draws their interest enough to act.

Oftentimes, recruiters will be selective when posting their health system’s openings to a job board. But what if sharing the full breadth of your opportunities could be more beneficial than costly? What if it has the potential to turn passive candidates into active ones and result in more successful hires?

The benefits of posting all your jobs

Whether an individual is actively searching for positions and wants to be contacted or they’re exploring privately, there’s value in making them aware of your openings.

On one hand, active candidates need to see your job postings to be able to click "apply." On the other hand, passive candidates will need to find your opportunities to consider a career change, or to take more serious steps to explore an opportunity’s potential.

Sharing more of your open jobs increases awareness of your organization and appeals to a wider range of job-seeking physicians and advanced practice providers. It also invites more conversations with candidates and drums up excitement about the numerous possibilities to choose from at your facilities.

Additionally, there’s no getting around the fact that vacant positions mean lost revenue - and the longer positions remain open, the more costly they can become. In fact, Healthcare Finance reports that an open health care position can amount to nearly $8,000 per day. And it can start to add up quickly when the average health care job remains vacant for around 50 days.

Ultimately, the expense of posting all your opportunities to a job board totals to only a fraction of what one long-standing open position at your health system can cost. Posting more jobs means there are more chances to connect with prospective hires and fill positions while saving resources that are better spent elsewhere.

A considerable pool of candidates

If you’re being selective in which openings you’re advertising, you’re likely missing out on a significant number of individuals who would turn their heads if they knew there was an opportunity for them.

Each day, thousands of passive candidates explore physician and advanced practice provider jobs on the PracticeLink Job Board. Those who are passively or privately looking may not apply to every posting that catches their eye, but a strong one can plant a seed that buds into active interest - now or later.

Passive candidates are a pool of worthwhile prospects to consider, but first, they need to know the full scope of your health system’s opportunities to be able to consider you.

Sharing your range of opportunities

At the end of the day, both active and passive candidates want to ensure they’ve explored all their options to find the best possible fit.

Invite more job seekers to consider a career at your organization by posting all your opportunities. Not only does it give candidates access to more of your openings and offer them more possibilities, but it can also speed up finding the top-tier health care workers your organization needs.

The more jobs you post, the more applications that follow and the more quality prospects you turn into hires. Remember, a candidate - whether active or passive - can never know if your opportunity is worth pursuing until they know it exists.

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Alexandra Cappetta

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