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October 19, 2020

Why we call every PracticeLink candidate

The inDepth Candidate Interviews is a fixture on many candidate profiles in the PracticeLink system - visible when in-house recruiters log in to search for their next hire, and in the daily email updates you receive from PracticeLink. But what exactly are they, and why are they important?
Why go inDepth?
An inDepth Candidate Interview answers the what and why behind a candidate and their job search. It adds the details of a candidate that are so important when physician recruiters are trying to determine who might be the best fits for their organization. It adds depth to a candidate beyond what they might enter on their CV. And it’s included in PracticeLink RMS Essential for accounts posting five jobs or more.
How we collect interviews
After a candidate registers on PracticeLink, a member of PracticeLink’s physician relations team - headquartered in Hinton, West Virginia - contacts them to complete the interview.
We clarify and verify the information the candidate provided so you always have the most accurate details, and then we go deeper. Our skilled interviewers ask each candidate a variety of open-ended questions during the conversation to learn more about the "why" behind their profile, their job search, and their needs and desires for the next organization they’ll join.
Our goal is to provide you, the in-house recruiter, with as much information as possible. We want you to be able to get a good feel for a candidate before you reach out, to provide you a starting place for your first conversation.

PracticeLink InDepth Candidate Interviews answer deeper questions behind a physician’s job search.
Using a candidate interview
Let’s look at an example. Say you are looking to fill a position in St. Louis, and it’s really important to find a long-term fit. You search the PracticeLink RMS database and find lots of candidates who list Missouri in their geographic preferences, and even a good many who have listed St. Louis specifically. Read the inDepth Candidate Interview to find out why. That’s where you’ll learn that they grew up in the area, or have family nearby.
This example, however, only scratches the surface of the way a Candidate Interview can be used.
Candidates are frank with us because PracticeLink is a neutral, trusted organization. And being upfront during the interview helps the candidate, too, avoid wasting time or effort on organizations that won’t be a good fit.
For example, the Candidate Interview can help you discover that, say, the hospitalist who has the exact right amount of experience has stated that they will absolutely not work the schedule that you need to fill. Or perhaps you may find that the candidate who considers volunteer work necessary for their professional fulfillment is perfect for your facility that is trying to increase its public outreach.
The information can also fill in any holes that aren’t immediately evident in a candidate’s online CV. You may learn more about their licenses, their availability to interview, the EMRs that a candidate has experience in, and other nuggets that are helpful to learn before you ever reach out.
We’re open for feedback
PracticeLink’s Candidate Interviews provide the detailed information behind what’s on a candidate’s profile. They inform in-house recruiters about what candidates are looking for, and the why behind their job searches.
The questions the team asks candidates have been crafted with the help of physician recruiters, and they’re constantly evolving.
We’re happy to consider your suggestions. Have an idea for something else that would be helpful to know? Email


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