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July 31, 2023

Why should you post all your physician jobs?

Think of the last time you looked for a job. Did you find exactly what you wanted in the first posting, or did you browse multiple postings to find one that fit your needs? Physicians and providers search for jobs in the same way. Most job seekers will look through a multitude of opportunities before even applying to one. Don’t you want to give them options?
Most recruiters will prioritize their openings and only post those higher on the list. That is a great strategy, but there are many benefits to posting all your jobs to find quality physicians.
Reach both active and passive candidates
Posting all open jobs helps ensure candidates searching the database will see the opportunities - even if they are just passively looking. On, candidates don’t have to be registered to search for jobs, so the more jobs you have posted, the more likely they will be seen by both active and passive physicians and providers.
Active candidates searching for jobs can easily click "apply" and register to respond to your opportunities; passive candidates can use these opportunities to consider making a move to a new organization or get more information on a health system and their openings.
Increase awareness of your organization
Even if a candidate may not be ready to apply to your posting yet, your organization and its opportunities will receive increased exposure with more jobs in the system.
When candidates consistently see openings with your organization, they will see your logo and organization profile associated with the posting. This will provide familiarity and recognition with candidates, resulting in more traffic and clicks from potential applicants.
It also puts your organization in front of a larger audience of job-seeking physicians and providers, and they will see the investment you’re placing in your culture, staff
and new hires. They may want to learn more about other opportunities in the future.
Expand your talent pool
When you only post specific positions, you narrow the number of physicians who meet the criteria. If you post all opportunities in every available specialty, you will reach a much larger pool of candidates.
Since posting more jobs will help you receive more job views, you will have more opportunities to engage with potential applicants and increase the number of candidates
who either apply to your jobs or reach out for future opportunities.
Every view on your jobs, especially when those convert to applications, gives you providers to add to your candidate pool for future consideration and other open opportunities.
Whether a candidate is actively looking for their next role or exploring possibilities, they want to make sure they’ve weighed all their options. If you don’t post all your jobs, you might be missing a quality candidate who would be a great fit for that unposted position.
The more jobs you post, the more views and applications you’ll receive, which results in more openings being filled.
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