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October 19, 2020

What is a PracticeLink PRO PowerPack?

Marketers know it takes more than one touchpoint for someone to remember and act on a message. So how will you expand your recruitment efforts to attract physicians and advanced practitioners to your online job postings?
One easy way to target providers throughout their job search cycle is through a PracticeLink PRO PowerPack.
What is a PowerPack?
A PowerPack is a bundle of PracticeLink’s important, primarily off-line tools that help candidates learn more about your organization and provide the detail they need to respond to your job postings and build up your organization as a great place to work.
A PowerPack is the perfect complement to the PracticeLink Recruitment Management System. With a PowerPack, you Can be in multiple places at once. You can get the branding your organization deserves in front of the right candidates. And in a PowerPack, these tools are offered together in one cost-effective bundle purchased annually, freeing you from having to add on services throughout the year.
What does a PowerPack include?
Every PowerPack includes:
Advertising in PracticeLink Magazine. Your brand will be distributed in this award-winning publication, which is mailed to 90,000 candidates each quarter.
Hot leads from the specialties you need. PowerPack clients receive specialty conference leads from 20 meetings per year without the cost and time of travel.
Front-page logo. Your logo, linking right to your job postings, will be featured on
Organizational profile in First Practice. Your half-page profile is included in our special twice-a-year mailer targeted to residents and fellows each spring and fall.

Expand candidate reach with a PracticeLink Magazine ad, Specialty Conference Leads, prominent logo placement and a First Practice organizational profile.
Customize your PowerPack
PowerPacks are annual purchases and are available in two main sizes. There is also customization available based
on the size of ad you choose.
In a "2x PowerPack," you receive your choice of ad sizes in two quarterly publications of PracticeLink Magazine, 10 Specialty conference Lead Reports, and your choice of an organizational profile in one First Practice publication. Your organization’s logo also will be featured on the employer section of for six months.
With a "4x PowerPack," you receive the full benefits of PracticeLink’s powerhouse recruitment tools. Your choice of ad size will run in all four quarterly publications of PracticeLink Magazine. You’ll receive all Specialty Conference Lead Reports, and be included in both issues of First Practice throughout the year. Your organization’s logo also will be featured on the employer section of all year long.
With a PracticeLink PRO PowerPack, you can reach and recruit even hard-to-reach passive job-seekers all year long.

Want to learn more about PowerPacks? Contact your Sales Representative or email to learn more.

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