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May 13, 2021

Tools for result-driven job postings

Successful job postings require the right tools, the right content and, of course, the right platform for them to be discovered by the candidates you want to recruit. They act as the preview of your organization and help prospects learn whether they’re interested enough to apply.

The good news is you’re in the driver’s seat when determining where you’ll post your jobs, how many you’ll post and what you’ll include to bring the best and brightest candidates to your health system. 

We’ve noticed a few things in common among the most effective job postings. Here are some of the approaches we see for job posting success, along with a way to promote even more of your organization’s opportunities.

Use an industry-leading job board

When it comes to putting your opportunities where candidates will notice them, a job board is a recruiter’s best friend. However, not all job boards are created equal, so it’s important to prioritize which are going to offer the best results.

With an average of 11,000 job views and more than 800 responses each day, the PracticeLink physician job board is a valued and relied-upon tool for many job-seeking physicians and advanced practice providers. Additionally, there are thousands more passive candidates reviewing the job board and receiving daily emails with job opportunities. When you post your opportunities to the PracticeLink job board, you also have access to the PracticeLink Recruitment Management System, which makes posting your jobs, sourcing candidates and tracking applicants more seamless than ever.

Post ALL your opportunities

Open positions can mean lower productivity for an organization and its team. They can also be expensive - especially over time. In fact, data from Merritt Hawkins shows an unfilled family medicine position for one month costs a health system $175,994. If that position remains open for six months, the health system is then looking at a $1.05 million opportunity cost.

The past year has reaffirmed the importance of having health care teams fully staffed, and PracticeLink saw a need for organizations to promote more of their opportunities to fill open positions as quicky as possible. A job posting’s quality is essential, but we also recognize quantity plays a part.

With that in mind, we wanted to provide a way for you to share all your organization’s opportunities to job-seeking candidates. Through June 30, 2021, new and existing PracticeLink customers can post unlimited jobs on the PracticeLink physician job board to reach as many prospects and fill as many open positions as possible. The only requirement is a five job slot account for in-house recruiting teams or a 10 job slot account for agencies. 

Make your post compelling 

You can use a reliable, industry-leading job board and post every opportunity, but a job posting won’t drive results if it isn’t compelling to candidates. When you post opportunities to a job board, you have numerous ways to make each post attractive and noteworthy.

Make it interesting. For starters, your job posting’s title should grab candidates’ attention. The position type and specialty will already be listed at the top of the page of a PracticeLink job posting, so use the headline space to uniquely describe the opportunity. For example, rather than something generic like "physician - San Diego" or "Physician opportunity in San Diego," try "Passionate physician needed in the heart of San Diego" or something more descriptive. This elevates your post with details that grab the reader’s attention and makes it more inviting to click.

Make it complete. It’s also important to make sure you’ve filled out every field and selected all details relevant to the opportunity when drafting your job posting. You can also choose to feature your job posting on the main PracticeLink website by selecting the option under "job options" when creating your post.

When structuring and writing your post’s body content, consider what you would want to know about an opportunity, and what would make you want to apply. This is what you should include. It may take shape in the form of details about the team, the work culture, facility features, accomplishments and awards, benefits or highlights and attractions of the surrounding community. Ultimately, you want your posting to stand out from the competition, so include something that makes your facility, team or organization different.

Make it visually appealing. Lastly, include a visual component, such as images of your facility or community, a promotional video for your organization or a video providing a virtual tour of your campus. These help your job posting stand out and be more memorable to candidates.

Take advantage of the job search tools you have available, share every opportunity and continue to sharpen your postings, and you’ll be able to present the best of your health system and appeal to the candidates you want and need for your community.

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