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December 16, 2020

How to get the most out of your recruitment system

Having a structured process or system in place helps you find quality candidates and can decrease the time it takes to hire them. To get the most out of your recruitment strategy, it should include knowing the role and posting the job, sourcing candidates and tracking applicants.

Even before you have an opening or post a job, you can still build your candidate pipeline by exhibiting at career fairs and conferences to network with job-seeking physicians and advanced practice providers. You can also keep your website, profiles and social media pages appealing and up to date by sharing current photos and posts. This will increase awareness of your facility to potential hires.

Post Jobs

Once you have an opening, be sure you write your job posting with attractive details that encourage quality candidates to apply. In order to do so, you want to choose an accurate and clear job title. Consider what your desired candidate will search when you create the title, and incorporate those words or phrases.

Similar to the job title, the job description can also contain keywords a physician or advanced practice provider might search. Don’t stuff the description with keywords in hopes to be found, but rather write a clear portrayal of the job and the required skills. If you write with the candidate in mind, you will most likely include keywords for which they’ll search.

Post every available opportunity to a job board. This gives you the best response, helps you reach anonymous and passive candidates searching or browsing various openings, builds your employer brand by putting your organization in front of more job-seeking candidates and improves your candidates’ experience.

Source candidates

Source candidates and make connections

Utilizing a candidate relationship manager (CRM) is a great way to source candidates for current openings or add them to your candidate pipeline for future opportunities. It also gives you a chance to be proactive and search for quality candidates who may not otherwise find you or your opportunity.

You can search databases based on specific criteria as well as add your own candidates to record recruitment activities for them and have all your prospects in one system. Adding your own candidates lets you view and filter every candidate without navigating multiple systems, so you avoid losing track of any candidates with whom you’ve already met or contacted.

Most - if not all - of your communication can be done from a CRM. It allows you to email physicians and APPs directly or develop email campaigns, and even use predesigned templates.  If you take advantage of email campaigns, you can set a series of emails and schedule them, having the system do most of the work for you. This provides a way to contact candidates and build relationships before setting up the interview.

Track applicants

Track all your applicants

When you have a pool of applicants, a robust applicant tracking system will help manage them and move them through the recruitment process once they’ve applied to your opening.

Track milestones such as when a contact is made, you have conversations, you conduct interviews and site visits and present offers, as well as those you’ve decided not to extend this round. Keeping track of the applicants and noting each step in the process will keep you organized and maintain movement in the cycle.

Not only should you have an ATS to track applicants, but also one with reporting capabilities. Running reports lets you manage your team’s activities and recruitment progress and is the best way to measure your return on investment.

Having a recruitment strategy is important, but you also need to utilize the resources available to you.  A seamless, all-in-one recruitment system gives you a way to post and distribute jobs, source candidates and track applicants, helping you decrease time-to-hire while maintaining organization and movement in your process.

To help you recruit more effectively, PracticeLink Recruitment Management System provides a candidate database and job board where your jobs are automatically distributed across the web and to your own organization website, Candidate Relationship Manager and Applicant Tracking System.

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