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December 16, 2020

Filling hard-to-recruit specialties

Filling certain specialties can be a challenge. These past months may have created even more demand for some of those specialties or made it even more challenging to recruit others. To help you prioritize your search and resources, PracticeLink developed a Physician Recruitment Index identifying the hardest-to-recruit and most in-demand specialties.

These indexes include information gathered quarterly by the PracticeLink system based on supply and demand of specialty jobs and specialists. The more jobs per candidate in the system, the more difficult recruiters may find the search for those specialties.

Download the Fall 2020 15 Hardest-to-Recruit Specialties

Download the Fall 2020 15 Most In-Demand Specialties

This quarter Pediatrics - Allergy and Immunology dropped from No. 1 to No. 5, and Geriatric Medicine and Maternal-Fetal Medicine joined the hardest-to-recruit specialties list.

Geriatric Medicine remained at the top of the most in-demand specialties, and Med-Peds joined the list at No. 2. Psychiatry rose to No.4, Obstetrics and Gynecology dropped to No. 9 and Hematology and Oncology replaced General Surgery this quarter.

Recruitment and recruiting trends have changed these past few months. Have you noticed a correlation in difficulty of recruiting certain specialties? As you look to build your strategy and plan for the future, keep these trends in mind so you can develop a proactive approach to your recruitment of specialty positions.

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