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January 5, 2021

Best ways to contact passive candidates

As a recruiter, you’re constantly looking for the best ways to connect and engage with candidates about your health system’s opportunities. One of your objectives may be to go beyond the everyday interactions and expand your candidate funnel with passive prospects. However, it’s also an objective that can be easier said than done without the right tools.

Here are some strategies and resources that can make reaching passive candidates a little bit simpler and a lot more effective:

Making your opportunities known

By now, you’re probably aware that even those candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job are still browsing job boards and noting open positions and organizations of interest. Keep this in mind as you’re crafting your job postings and descriptions. The more attractive and thorough your posting, the more likely those passive seekers will be interested either now, or when their time comes to apply. Even for those who are currently employed, a stellar job posting can be all it takes to turn them from a passive candidate to an active one.

Just as important as crafting a solid job posting is choosing how and where it will be seen by passive candidates. Posting your jobs on industry-leading systems like the PracticeLink Job Board allows you to distribute your opportunities among thousands of active and passive job-seekers each day, ensuring your jobs will be well-dispersed and widely accessible by as many potential applicants as possible.

Interacting with candidates

Acting on the right opportunities to contact prospects can be difficult. Should you send an email? Make a phone call? Send a message on LinkedIn? These are all options, but you want to be consistent and deliberate about how you’re making contact. If you’re utilizing written communication, make sure you’ve brushed up on some best practices.

One solution that allows recruiters to reach out to candidates, and helps candidates and applicants to reach out to you in real-time, is PracticeLink Chat.

PracticeLink Chat is a one-to-one communication tool included within the PracticeLink Recruitment Management System. It gives recruiters the ability to communicate by text, voice or video from practically any device, so you can engage with candidates directly within the PracticeLink system. You can also control access and availability, manage current and previous chats, and more.

Finding a pool of untapped prospects

When it comes to discovering candidates, you want options. However, it can be tiresome reaching out to the same pool of candidates your competitors are competing to hire as well. It’s every recruiter’s goal to find a network of not only active candidates to immediately pursue, but also passive ones to form connections with and add to their candidate pipeline. If expanding your network and reaching a wider range of active and passive candidates is something you’ve been after, MedNavigator might be your go-to.

Contact physicians, residents, fellows and GME programs with MedNavigator.

MedNavigator gives you access to virtually every resident, fellow, program coordinator, physician and advanced practice provider nationwide - including their contact information - so you can initiate connections with potential applicants. It also helps you to get in touch with residency program coordinators, managers and administrators around the country to expand your recruitment network while also building trust and making yourself known as a resource among the community.

Not only can this open the door to recommendations for future prospects, but it can also put you ahead of the competition because you can start laying a foundation with those who aren’t seriously considering options yet. When their training ends and the time comes to start job searching, the interactions you’ve had and the connection you’ve built will be top of mind.

At the end of the day, you want your organization and opportunities to be easy to discover, convenient to communicate and seamless to act upon. Thanks to these tools, it’s possible. With more ways to make connections, it takes less time to deepen your candidate pipeline with more passive candidates, more applicants and more potential hires.


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