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October 19, 2020

5 ways to boost your career fair traffic

If you’ve been to a PracticeLink Live! Physician Career Fair, you already know that it’s a great way to meet multiple job-seeking candidates face to face. But is there more you can do to let candidates know where you’ll be and how they can meet your organization’s recruiters?

Do you take these steps to help make your physician career fair appearances more successful?
Try these five marketing tactics to promote your organization and bring more quality candidates to your booth at the next career fair.
1. Send a personal invitation
It’s tempting to plan for candidates to come to you organically or just hear about you at the career fair. Instead, try a more proactive approach. Send a personal invitation from your organization so candidates know to look for you at the event.
Reach out to any prospective candidates in the area, and let them know about the opportunity to meet you in person. Do the same for any past candidates you’ve met at other events. With a personal invitation, physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners will be more likely to attend the career fair - and will seek out your organization.
2. Use the marketing list provided by PracticeLink
As part of a career fair sponsorship with PracticeLink, you not only have the chance to exhibit and meet quality candidates face to face, but you’ll also receive a marketing list that contains active candidates in the PracticeLink database before the fair.
Contact these candidates to educate them about your facility before meeting you in person, and comb the list for physicians in the specialties for which you’re looking. This helps candidates get to know your organization prior to meeting you and increases the probability they’ll seek out your booth at the career fair.
3. Work with your hospital’s residency program coordinators and directors
Residents and fellows look to their residency program coordinators and directors for guidance with finding a job and career advancement. Let your organization’s coordinators and directors know about the career fair, so they can guide residents and fellows to meet with you there.
While building relationships with residency program coordinators and directors, you can alert them to available job-search resources to share with their residents and fellows as well, such as PracticeLink Magazine, First Practice - The Resident and Fellow Career Guide and
4. Share the event on social media
To reach even more candidates outside of your personalized emails, post about the career fair on your organization’s social media pages. Let candidates know the details and how they can attend and explore your opportunities. Creating an event on social media and inviting your followers is another opportunity to spread the word and promote your organization.
5. Promote a booth giveaway
Everyone loves the chance to win a prize, so why not have a giveaway during the career fair? This will bring people to your booth - especially if they need to physically stop by or give their information to qualify for the giveaway.
You can promote the giveaway in your emails and on social media to stir up excitement, directing more people to visit your booth to learn about your organization. You can also announce the winner during the career fair to keep candidates’ interest and attention. It’s a fun way to increase booth traffic and collect information from attending candidates.
Ready to recruit the physicians and advanced practice providers you need at a career fair? See the upcoming PracticeLink Live! Physician Career Fairs on page 6, or email for details.

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