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Getting aggressive in your recruitment strategy


Thiknk about getting aggressive with your recruitment strategy. Posted by Drew Terry
Thiknk about getting aggressive with your recruitment strategy.

Finding and recruiting the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill position is a lot like finding someone the perfect gift.

Even though a lot of shopping consists of searching online, clicking a button and waiting for the package to reach the doorstep, there are some gifts that still require extra effort. Maybe it’s waiting in line at 3 a.m. It could be driving all across town to check multiple stores and racing down aisles - all for the ultimate payoff of a beaming face when the box is opened.

That same tenacity can prove useful while recruiting candidates for those hard-to-fill specialties. Fortunately, there are a few additional ways you can actively recruit beyond advertising your opening.


Source a database

When you’re recruiting a hard-to-fill position, don’t simply create a job posting and hope the perfect candidates will discover it. Take advantage of candidate databases and apply solid sourcing techniques to identify and contact providers more likely to be interested in the role.


Build a pipeline

It’s easy to question why you’d spend time building relationships with physicians when you’re not currently recruiting for their specialty. But the reason becomes clear when you have an opening - especially a hard-to-fill one - and you already have a personal network to tap.

The outreach, information sharing and occasional check-ins can build physician trust in you - and your organization - to the point where they’ll be interested in applying when an opportunity becomes available.


Get staff referrals

Sometimes the best leads can come by word of mouth. Think about your top-performing physicians who embody your organization’s culture and ask them if they’d recommend anyone from their network for the job.

Your current staff knows what it’s like to practice there. Plus, seeking their opinions gives you an opportunity to hear how well your current providers understand the type of staff you seek to attract. 


Attend a career fair

Career fairs provide a dedicated time and space to get to know candidates actively pursuing opportunities. Whether the fair is in person or virtual, a little planning can help you increase your ROI, expand your candidate network and find prospective hires.


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