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5 reasons gratitude is a must for recruiters


Show gratitude for your colleagues Posted by Alexandra Cappetta
Show gratitude for your colleagues

Expressing gratitude isn’t necessarily synonymous with over-the-top acts or time-consuming displays of appreciation. It can be a collection of small moments and subtle thank-you’s that add up over time.

When you interact with your hires and candidates, being intentional about how you show gratitude is essential for your recruitment efforts and your organization. Here are five positive effects it can have on those you’ve recruited, those you will recruit and even your own well-being:

  1. You set an example

    Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be draining, and when you simply pause to recognize the efforts of candidates and hires, it rarely goes unnoticed. The more you model a grateful attitude toward others, the more you encourage them to seek opportunities to express it as well.

You can help facilitate these interactions between staff members by including a white board or a poster in the break room dedicated to peer recognition. Invite individuals to share when a co-worker has a minor or major victory, goes above and beyond, or simply brings something positive to the workplace.

  1. You contribute to the culture

    Expressing thanks to your organization’s members acknowledges their value and is especially effective for building trust, improving retention and upholding a healthy culture. Additionally, the healthier the work environment, the more engaged and empathetic your physicians will be, resulting in better clinical outcomes.

Plan a weekly social media or newsletter shoutout of a staff member highlighting a recent award, their research, impressive bedside manner or being a positive presence. They - and the balance of your organization’s culture - will benefit from your recognition of their time, commitment and hard work.

  1. You impact work ethic

    Making hires feel valued doesn’t necessarily have to come down to compensation. In fact, The London School of Economics reported that gratitude is actually a better motivator than money or performance-related pay.

While a raise or a bonus will most likely never be turned down, there are plenty of ways to show your hires they’re appreciated at no cost just by making a point to be intentional and observant.

Be on the lookout for daily affirmation opportunities - even something as simple as "thanks for your hard work today" - when passing a physician or advanced practice provider in the hallway during their rounds.

  1. You leave a positive impression

    When engaging with job seekers during an interview or conversation, you’re probably used to being thanked for your time. However, genuinely thanking candidates in return for their interest in your organization and the opportunity is something they’ll remember.

In the short term, it will help them feel seen and more optimistic about your interaction - regardless of the result. In the long term, it will reveal what kind of employer you are and make the opportunity to work with you even more desirable.

  1. You get a wellness boost

    According to Harvard Health, expressing gratitude "helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships."

Those are a lot of benefits, but gratitude doesn’t always come naturally; it requires mindfulness and paying attention to the large and small details that are worth appreciating.

Incorporating practices like these can take time and consideration. However, doing so will not only positively affect your interactions, but also your own well-being - mentally, physically, personally and professionally.


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